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Elevating Mental Health in Colorado

I can help you overcome the fears and obstacles in your life.
About Life Balance Connetions

Meet The Founder

Shane Hodges is a 20-year resident of Colorado and the founder of Life Balance Connections.
He grew up in a small Nebraska town with no diversity and experienced bullying for being different. In spite of that, he was raised to have an open mind and respect for others. 

Eventually, those values, and a desire to help others, led Shane to enter the mental health profession. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Shane has a few simple goals: 

  • Positively impact the life of the clients he encounters 
  • Maintain professionalism and integrity in his work as a therapist. 
  • Work to minimize the negative stigma associated with mental health.

Shane believes the creation of Life Balance Connection will assist him achieving these goals by bringing together a like-minded group of trusted health and wellness professionals.